The FBI Files Specials

Btn Screen Programs

Season 1

Episode 01 – Cruel Deception

In the dozen years following his release from prison, a counterfeiter’s dark obsessions spiral out of control. What starts as a simple scheme to print money escalates to serial rape and ends in a sequence of brutal murders.

Episode 02 – Dangerous Pursuit

In 1974, Paul John Knowles has it all—he is intelligent, he is charming and he is handsome. But as Knowles embarks on a trip across country, he has but one goal in life: to become a modern day version of Jack the Ripper.

Episode 03 – Deadly Dentist

To the people in his community, Dr. Glennon Engleman seems like a mild-mannered dentist. But in reality, Engleman has concealed a dark secret for over two decades: he is a serial killer who devises elaborate schemes to extort and murder his victims.

Episode 04 – Flight from Justice: The Story of D.B. Cooper

Richard McCoy’s profile defies understanding–he is a father, a Sunday school teacher and a decorated war hero. He is also a hijacker, an extortionist and a bank robber. McCoy, alleged to be the true identity of infamous bank robber D.B. Cooper, is arrested and convicted, only to acquire yet another skill: escape artist.